Monday, 29 March 2010

Quicke WrestleMania thoughts!

OMG! I can't not BELIEVE how much the internet is overrating Shawn Michales versus the Underweartaker! IT SUCKED! The ENTIRE MATCH was just the two of them doing their finishing moves to each other and the other one kicking out! ANYWAY could have that match! IN fact when I used to want to be a wrestler when I was young my uncle said he'd teach me becasue he had experience and all we did was give each other finishing moves for half an hour! And then afterwards he'd put me in his submission hold the INVERTED REVERSE WASTELOCK and he'd hold me down in it for ten minutes or more and he'd REALLY grind it in but I would NEVER give up and eventually I'd hear him moaning and he'd let go and stagger away and I WOULD BE THE WINNER! He always told me not to tell anyone about that special move, probably because he was EMBARRASSED at loosing to me! He had lots of special videos of men grappling that I snuck in and watched once and he got angry. Must have been from some OBSCURE indy where they wrestle on beds instead of in the ring!

Anyway, as I was saying, Shawn Michaels and the Underneathtaker SUCK! Layla is hot!

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