Thursday, 20 August 2009


Hey dood, this is AUSTINRULLZ47 and I was at smickdown last nite in Madison squared gardens!!! And here is the rezults and im a big fan of ur site and here is the rezults!!!

First they had a dark match!!!!!

it was Brock Leznar vs Russ HasS!!!! and it was a great match until Russ had a hart attack so brock did a shooting star press and it was amazing cause hei is seven feet tall thenb he took a twenty foote ladder into the ring and did a 450 splazh off it!!!! And then the paramedicz ran in and gave Russ and shock with those electric heart shockerz they have on teevee!!!!!


Raven and Tommyr Dreamer vs Hardyz!!! Lita was hotz and I could see her thong and her bra and her nipples and her George W Bush lol!! And Raven turned on Tommy and my eyes couldnt belive it and Raven said "you screwed my girldfriend at summer camp, WHAT ABOUT ME, WHAT ABOUT RAVEN?!"

Billy Gun vs Saturn this was agreaet match that the idiot fanz booed and Billy showed his technial skillz with a power bomb and a huge dropkick and satrun pinned her after a bodyslam but I think billyz foot was on the rope.

Kie and Tie vs Scotty 2 Hotty and Dean Malenko I booed and sed "we dont want no small people wrestling!!!" and the guy next to me was a work rate freak and he said "be quite you ignorant hick" and I sed "suck it 420!" and crotch chopped and the crowd popped for me and this girl gavve me the eye and I missed the match!


First willian Regal came out and I booed and we all booed the british limey and he had a cup of tea and I booed and spat in his tea!!!!! and then micke foley came out and said he is new commishner! But then James Brownd played and the KAT! came out with Miss Jones the fine ass ho and said he is new commish and then RIC WHOO FLAIR came out and sedx he wantz to be commish then oh oh Shawn its HBK!!!! And he says theres a new sherrif in towN! and it's he!!!! But then Linda McMahon said there will be a five way match for commishernship at No Merscy and the crowd booed cuze they wanted gthat match TONITE!!!!

Tajri vs X- Pac Tajiri won witha kick and it looked stiff and I think it mighte have been a shoote!

then christ Jerich cumes out!!!! And he sayz he is not a heel, he is a bad mamma jamma!!!! And Stephanie cumes out and she isnt wearing a bra nad her big boobies jiggle and her ass does too and she sayz Jerich will fite Rock tonite and she will be referre and jericho sez "thatz cool with me, FAT SLUT!!!"

nezt match is Hurricae vs Faroooq! and hurricane sez he has a justice league of superheroz and bringz out Big Bossman, Steve Blackman and D'lo Brown!!!! And Bossman sez his supper power is that he can cook dogz and Blackman sez his is that he can cause the fanz to fall asleep and D'Lo sez that his super power is that he can break your neck with a simple powerbomb!!! and faroooq sez "damn!" and he joins the justice league two and he is beer drinking man! But then enter Sandman playz and sandman staggerz out and sez he is the only beer drinking man in wrestling!!! Then sandman throws up all over mighty molly and security take him away and Heyman screamz "THAT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN GO TO COMMERCIAL!!!!" and I thin it mite have been a shoot!!!

Anbd it was Stone Cold Steven Austin vs K kwick and austin one in four secondz with the stunner. But then KURT ANGLE drove a BOOKMOBILE down to ring and threw bookz at Austin and JR ScreamZ "MY GOD THE OLYMPIC BOOKMAN BOOKOMANIA MY GOD IS HELL THIS IS ######ING TOO SWEET!!!!!" but then Booker T saves Austin!!!!

And backstage austin goes over to RVD and sez "hey, what, why, what, didn't, what, you, what, save, what, me, what, from, what, kurt, what, angle, what?" and RVD sez "I was too buzy shagging Debra!" and Austin goes "whaT?" and Debra slapz him and sez RVD is a reeel man and austin aint nothing but a zero and then austin is crying in his beer!!!!!

next was Torri vs Stacy in a bra and panty match and I swear that STacy legz are five foot long!!! and htey actually did techinal wrestling but then torrie boobz feel out!!!! And I bet theyll edit it on tv but I took a picutre and I wanked over it when I got home and I wiped the cum up with my sock.

next was Edge vss Albert and Edge won then Christain came out and said "you dont reek of awesomeness you reek of SMELLYNES" and Edge was mad and he chase Christina becakstage but it was a setup and Christian dropepd on anvil on Edges head not Jim teh Anbil Ninehart lol.

Nezt was Tazz vs Maven but Tazz said "hey Maven you PUNK your ass isn't fiting me tonite, your ass is Fighting...DARRYL!!!!!!!!!!! aNd Darryl comes out and Mavens like "oh shit" and Darryl accidental breaks mavens leg with a headlock then Josh comes out to take his placE!! but Darryl rips joshs ear off by accident with a hip toss but then BIG JOHN from Tough Enough comes out!!! but Tazz puts him in the Tazzmision but Tori cumes out and gives tazz a low blow but then Jacki cumes out and gives tori a low blow and jackie kisses Tazz and there is a new group now Tazz, Darryl and Jackie!!!! And Heyman sez theyll be bigger than the NWO but JR sez "FUCK YOU YOU FAT FUCK" and the crow pops.

NOW IT WAS TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was Jericho vs Rock likes I said earlier and Stephane was the referee and she was weraing a tight referee shirt and LEATHER shortz and she looked so hot that I had a woody and it was touching the guy in front of me and he was angry and he slapped me! so when he turned his back I gave him a superkick and the peoplez elbow rite up there in the standz and the crowd loved me! Oh yeah, Jerich wone when Stpehanei gave rock a low blows and Jerich kissed her and felt her ass!!!!!!!!! and JR sed "BY GOD IS HEAVEN AND FUCKING JESUS TOO SHIT HELL COCK FUCK I CAN't BELIEVCE IT KING, WHAT WILL TRIPEL H SAY!!!!!!!!"

and that is the end of my report!!!

THANX 4 teh report dood! But I think you mite have to work on your typingh cuse you made a few typohs in taht report lol!!!


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